Dieta 3×1 Frank Suárez

Are you tired of struggling with your health and weight? Look no further – I’ve got the secret to transform your life! Introducing the groundbreaking concept of the Dieta 3×1, a revolutionary way of eating that will not only help you shed those unwanted pounds but also improve your overall health. In this article, we will delve into the wonders of Dieta 3×1 and how it can be the ultimate game-changer for you.

Dieta 3x1 Frank Suárez
Dieta 3×1 Frank Suárez

The Miracle of Dieta 3×1

Developed by renowned obesity and metabolism expert, Frank Suárez, the Dieta 3×1 has been saving lives for over two decades. Suárez understands the struggles that come with a slow or compromised metabolism, and through his extensive experience, he has discovered the most effective solutions.

Understanding the Problem: Glucose and Insulin

Before we dive into the fascinating world of Dieta 3×1, let’s understand the root cause of many health issues – glucose. When the glucose levels in our body skyrocket due to excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates like bread, rice, and tortillas, it triggers the pancreas to produce insulin. This insulin, when mixed with glucose, leads to the formation of harmful fats that clog our arteries, cause obesity, and deteriorate our health.

The Principles of Dieta 3×1

The Dieta 3×1 is a simple yet life-changing system that allows you to enjoy your favorite foods while keeping your glucose levels in check. Here’s how it works:

  1. Proportions: Fill three-quarters of your plate with foods from the Type A category – foods that promote weight loss and control diabetes. These include chicken, fish, vegetables, and more. The remaining one-quarter of your plate can consist of Type B foods – foods that are not off-limits but should be consumed in moderation. These include rice, pasta, bread, and sweets.

  2. Cultural Flexibility: Dieta 3×1 takes into account the diversity of cultures and cuisines. Whether you’re in Puerto Rico craving arroz con habichuelas (rice and beans) or in Mexico yearning for tortillas, you can still enjoy your traditional dishes while following the principles of Dieta 3×1.

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The Power of Type A and Type B Foods

Type A foods are your allies in weight loss and diabetes control. They produce minimal glucose and insulin, making them ideal for improving your health. These include lean meats like chicken and turkey, seafood, eggs, and vegetables. On the other hand, Type B foods are the ones that you should consume in moderation. These are the guilty pleasures like pasta, rice, bread, and sugary treats that tend to spike your glucose levels.

The Miraculous Results

By following the Dieta 3×1, you will witness a transformation in your health that seems almost too good to be true. As your glucose levels decrease, your body will produce less lactic acid, thus preventing blood acidification and the resulting health issues. The Dieta 3×1 has proven to be effective in managing high blood pressure, diabetes, and a range of other health conditions. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind solution that can improve your overall well-being.


After years of working with the human body and observing its intricacies, I can confidently say that our bodies are perfect. The only problem lies in the ignorance of the owners. By embracing the principles of Dieta 3×1 and prioritizing your health, you have the power to reverse the damage caused by a sluggish metabolism.

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to those extra pounds and reclaim your health with the transformative power of Dieta 3×1. And remember, for all your weight loss and health journey needs, head over to Your body deserves the best, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way!

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