Dieta De Las Princesas

Imagine stepping into the world of Princess Diana, where her daily life and favorite dishes were unveiled. In a recent edition, the renowned magazine Hello offered a new perspective on the beloved princess’s culinary choices. Among them, one dish stood out as her absolute favorite: Huevos Suzette.

Dieta De Las Princesas
Dieta De Las Princesas

A Royal Feast

Diana’s personal chef, Darren McGrady, revealed that she savored this traditional dish, which consisted of a hollowed-out roasted potato served on a bed of spinach, topped with a poached egg, a hint of hollandaise sauce, and a sprinkling of paprika. It was a harmonious blend of flavors fit for a princess.

The story does not end there, as this delightful dish also captured the taste buds of another celebrity, the late First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. She put her own spin on the recipe, replacing the potato with only paprika-seasoned potatoes. Her classic Papas Suzette recipe continues to be adored by home cooks even today.

A Taste of Creativity

Diana’s healthy eating habits, which excluded seafood and red meat, presented a challenge for McGrady. However, he rose to the occasion, showcasing his culinary creativity by preparing stuffed peppers. He filled them with a medley of rice, garlic, mushrooms, zucchini, topped with generous portions of mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and served with a tantalizing tomato and smoked pepper sauce.

For the princess’s vegetarian fans, he also crafted stuffed eggplant, offering a delightful variety to her menu. Diana, considering her healthy lifestyle, once expressed her bewilderment at the prevalence of salmon on menus. Taking the hint, McGrady made sure to exclude it from her meals.

The Sweet Indulgences

Although Diana rarely indulged in sweets, on occasion, she treated herself to a beloved classic English dessert: bread and butter pudding. According to McGrady, it was her all-time favorite. She would savor a small portion, but only when her beloved sons, William and Harry, were home. Out of respect for the monarchy, she refrained from requesting more in the presence of the Queen.

With this delightful menu, we catch a nostalgic glimpse into the life of one of the most cherished princesses of all time. Knowing that these dishes were approved by the Royal Family, we can’t help but be inspired to recreate them for our next dinner.

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The legacy of Princess Diana continues to resonate with us, not only as an icon of compassion but also as a culinary connoisseur. Let her favorite dishes awaken your taste buds and transport you to a realm of royalty.

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