Dieta Para La Gastritis Desayuno Almuerzo Y Cena

Are you suffering from acute or chronic gastritis? If so, it’s important to make some adjustments to your diet to alleviate your symptoms and promote healing. In this article, we’ll explore eight common mistakes to avoid and provide you with helpful tips for optimizing your diet to ease your gastritis symptoms. So let’s get started!

Dieta Para La Gastritis Desayuno Almuerzo Y Cena
Dieta Para La Gastritis Desayuno Almuerzo Y Cena

Mistake #1: Consuming Raw Foods

Raw foods are harder to digest, and with gastritis, it’s essential to make it easier for your stomach to do its job. Avoid eating raw vegetables, salads, and fruits, as they can intensify your discomfort. Instead, opt for cooked vegetables, preferably steamed or boiled, and prepare your fruits by boiling or making a homemade compote. Remember, no added sugars or sweeteners. Once you start feeling better, you can gradually incorporate raw foods into your diet, but continue to avoid them during dinner. You’ll notice a significant improvement in your restfulness.

Mistake #2: Grilling Your Food

When you grill food, you toast its surface, which can be irritating, especially if you have gastritis. It’s best to avoid this cooking method for now. Once you start experiencing relief, you can reintroduce grilling, but make sure to keep the heat low and avoid burning the oil. Add oil after the food is cooked to minimize any adverse effects on your stomach.

Mistake #3: Consuming Soups, Purees, and Creams for Lunch and Dinner

Avoid dishes that contain a lot of water, such as soups, purees, and creams, during your meals. The excess water dilutes your gastric juices, further hindering digestion and causing unpleasant fullness. Instead, consume these preparations sparingly or avoid them altogether. Also, try to limit your liquid intake during the main meals. It’s better to drink water outside of mealtime and have small sips throughout the day. You’ll notice a significant improvement in your symptoms.

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Mistake #4: Eating Foods That Are Too Hot or Too Cold

Both extremely hot and extremely cold foods can be irritating to your stomach, aggravating your gastritis symptoms. Opt for foods at a moderate temperature or room temperature. For example, let your yogurt sit for a while before consuming it, and when faced with a hot dish, wait for it to cool down a bit before eating. This change will make your meals more pleasant and aid in your digestion.

Mistake #5: Consuming Irritating Foods

Certain foods can worsen your gastritis symptoms and hinder digestion. Avoid acidic foods like citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, and mandarins), kiwi, and tomatoes. Also, steer clear of high-salt foods, such as heavily salted dishes and processed products like cured meats, olives, or pickles. Additionally, eliminate stimulant foods like coffee, tea, guarana, mate, cocoa, and energy drinks. These items contain caffeine and/or theobromine, which can irritate your stomach, worsen your acidity, and exacerbate stress-related symptoms.

Mistake #6: Consuming Foods High in Fat

Fatty foods, whether added during preparation or naturally occurring in certain foods, tend to envelop your stomach, making it harder for gastric juices to penetrate and digest them. Avoid frying, sautéing, and using cream or butter in your meals. Instead, choose skimmed dairy products. Once you start feeling better, you can experiment with semi-skimmed dairy products and gradually reintroduce fatty fish. Remember to consume other foods in moderation, as part of a well-balanced and occasional diet.

Mistake #7: Overeating and Eating Too Quickly

Avoid eating large amounts of food in one sitting and rushing through your meals. These habits are detrimental to your overall health and even more so if you have gastritis. Instead, consume smaller, frequent meals throughout the day. It’s crucial to eat in a calm and relaxed environment, chew your food thoroughly, and avoid rushing. These habits promote better digestion and minimize stress, a major trigger for gastritis.

Mistake #8: Consuming Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks fill your stomach and cause uncomfortable bloating. While experiencing gastritis, it’s best to stick to water and avoid any carbonated beverages. Remember to drink water outside of mealtime and distribute your intake evenly throughout the day. Once you start feeling better, continue to prioritize water as your beverage of choice. Carbonated drinks, even those labeled as “refreshing” or “sugar-free,” are not better than actual sugar. If you still crave these drinks, limit your consumption to very occasional indulgences.

By avoiding these common mistakes and optimizing your diet according to the tips provided in this article, you can effectively manage your gastritis symptoms and support your healing process. For more health tips and helpful resources, visit our website. Take care of yourself and enjoy a gastritis-free life!

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