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Product Name: Discover How to Sell Your Photos Online Like a Pro!

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“It is truly is a great source of passive income… Each month I make hundreds of dollars… a great little side hustle…

If you can carve out a few hours or days throughout the year to start uploading… you can just let them sit and start earning for you.”

– Marianne A. Campolongo

“The profit from your smartphone photography can help you live your dream life… the freedom to make money doing what you love… it pays the bills… how I pay the rent.”

“I’m averaging about 80 to 90 image sales a month… some pictures that have sold regularly, week after week, month after month, for many years… just paid for my house.”

“I make numerous daily sales… has helped me travel the world… allows me to live a simple yet comfortable lifestyle by the beach on a tropical island in Thailand”

“My images have been purchased roughly 22,000 times I’ve seen them used in advertisements and articles…
I now spend more than half of the year traveling and living in nine European countries.”

“You only have to upload it once and then wait for the sales which can come from anywhere at anytime – from Tasmania or the States, from a London based national paper to a small publication in Eastern Europe”.

One of her newly submitted images already sold 56 times!

“I have many images that make regular repeat sales.

I’ve made many sales by photographing items around the house and even things that are happening outside my office window.”

“I don’t cease to be amazed at how successful I have been with it… often repeat clients, licence my images and pay good fees for them.

It is terribly exciting to see one’s work everywhere, all around the world, from Japan to Norway to South Africa to the Middle East, Europe and South America, I mean everywhere; in magazines, books, websites,even on TV.”

It’s been purchased by TV channels and magazines in France, Colombia, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Greece, and even Russia!

Customers can purchase your images, no matter where you live.

And you don’t need to know their language.Or ever speak to them.

They buy images to use in:

Because they MUST legally have Permission to use the images for their articles.

Sure, there are millions of “free” photos online, but they can’t just take any photo they want and use it on their website.

Copyright infringement is a criminal offense punishable by the FBI.

This applies to any website and even little personal blogs, a well as magazines and other print publications.

So of course they buy images for all their articles!

Which is great news for you – because that means a lot of people need to buy your pictures.

It’s a huge global industry, and it’s only growing!

Every year, more people start a website, try to make money blogging, open an online shop.eCommerce is booming. They all need pictures for ads, banners, their website…

THIS is one reliable industry that just keeps GROWING – regardless of any financial crashes, recessions, lockdowns, or pandemics.

Because as long as there are people alive in the world, you can trust there will always be newspapers & websites writing new articles for them! And every article needs pictures!

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While people lost jobs in the pandemic… others made tens of thousands of dollars selling images of their facemasks.

When people were stressed about paying bills and couldn’t sleep… others made money from photos of sleeping cats, pillows, rumpled bedsheets… and even from pictures of pesky IRS letters!

As more people are struggling to pay for cat food… others are making a fortune selling images of their cats eating.

As more people suffer from the cost of living crisis and cut down on food, or on the Quality of the food they consume, others make hundreds and even thousands from selling a photo of food!

Millions of buyers are actively searching for photos every month.When they’ll see your photo, if they like it, they’ll buy it.

It’s completely hands-free for you.Your part is simply to take the photos.

And we’ll teach you how to do it the right way, like other successful sellers do!

You’ll learn what images to make, how to make images clients will buy and where to upload them to get the best sales, along with many insider strategies to boost your income, and MUCH more!

“I make money all year round… while I’m asleep at night, when I am sick or injured, and whether the stock market is up or down. The checks keep coming in!”

Look, let’s do simple math:

You can upload to sell as MANY images as you want!

“images I took many years ago are continuing to earn income… without any further work on my part.

I consistently have multiple sales per week.

My photos have been licensed for use in books, magazines, newspapers, advertising, calendars, greeting cards, travel guides, and brochures.

…photo earnings paid for my travel expenses and flights…

This month I left my job. I feel an incredible sense of peace”

“I could have never imagined one day I could be selling my own images…”

NO, never! It’s totally FREE for you to upload and list your pictures!Even if some don’t sell, you never get charged.

You can upload as many pictures as you want

No hidden fees. No strings attached. No nonsense.

You only give a % of the sales to those selling it, after they get sold.

It’s completely hands-free for you.Your part is simply to take the photos.

“Has given me a special kind of freedom to work where and when I choose…  Incredibly rewarding sometimes bringing in four figure sums for a single image.

…has been a lifeline for me.”

NO long learning curve nor any special skills needed!

Every other side hustle or business requires lots of time to learn new skills, lots of money to buy (and learn to master) complex software programs and you’ll need to invest in a website, spend thousands on advertising, etc.

Do it a few minutes a day as an extra side-hustle, or turn it into a business.

How to easily rescue & Sell old or bad photos

Do you have old photos that you’d like to sell but they’re a bit grainy, too dark, too light, dull and lifeless, or a bit blurry?

In this easy step-by-step beginner’s course, you’ll learn fast ways to rescue a bad image and make it look great, so you can sell it.

But you CAN edit your old photos now and make them look great!

I’m sure you have tons of old pictures lying around that you’re not doing anything with.

It’s time to bring those dusty old photos out of hiding and monetize them.

Make more money by selling your old travel photos, old photos of your pets, old baby photos etc. 

These techniques are very easy to learn. You’ll be up and running within an hour.

And we’ll be using a free tool to edit the images.

Discover power tips & tricks to sell the most while spending less time!

No, it doesn’t cost to upload or to list your pictures.

You can upload unlimited pictures!

Tens of millions! 1.5 million magazines, newspapers, and brands buy images globally, as well as tens of millions of websites and blogs, graphic artists, web designers, authors, etc.

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There’s no lack of buyers even in a bad economy when many lose their jobs or when prices of everything skyrockets.

Pictures are purchased all the time since every blog post and article can’t just have text and no pictures. 

Yes, you always own all the rights over all your images! You’re NOT selling your rights, you’re only permitting companies to USE your images for a certain fee. 

No one else owns your image, ever. That’s why you can sell it to many buyers forever.

You always own your images, have the full copyrights over them, and can do whatever you want with your pictures (including posting them on your social media).

All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to upload your pictures.

NO need to be a professional or hobby photographer.

NO need for special cameras or equipment – your smartphone will do!

NO! The magazines and brands who buy photos don’t care one bit about how many followers you have or don’t have!

They are only interested in buying the right image for their articles or ads.

They don’t care who took the picture.

You do NOT need to be seen/featured in any photo!

While some want to have the fame/bragging rights about Elle, Vogue or /and any other magazine, news site etc., featuring them on their website, some other folk feel shy or love their privacy.

There are plenty of pictures you can make money from even without having yourself, your family members, or loved ones in them!

Anyone, of any age, from anywhere in the world.

It’s 100% inclusive to any gender, age, and looks.

It does not matter what you look like, and you do not need to be seen in any photo!

You can take pictures and upload them.

However, you’ll need your parent or legal guardian to sign up for you (on your behalf) and connect their PayPal/banking to receive income. 

Yes, you can. You’re not being hired by brands, you’re selling your photos. It’s different from being hired as an influencer.However, depending on your contract with your agent, you may still need to share your income with your agent.

Yes, of course. You can spend as little or as much time as you want taking pictures. 1h a month or 1h a day, it’s up to you.

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Click here to get Discover How to Sell Your Photos Online Like a Pro! at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Discover How to Sell Your Photos Online Like a Pro! is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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Discover How to Sell Your Photos Online Like a Pro!

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