Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Small Bites

Are popular dog foods always the best for your furry friend? It’s a common misconception that the most popular products are automatically the healthiest. Today, we’re going to debunk this myth and reveal the truth behind the most popular puppy food brands.

Hill's Science Diet Puppy Small Bites
Hill's Science Diet Puppy Small Bites

The Top Contenders

We’ve examined the top ten most popular dog food brands for puppies, and the results might surprise you. In this article, we’ll be focusing on two brands that consistently rank high in popularity: Natural Balance and Hill’s Science Diet. Let’s take a closer look at these brands and see how they stack up in terms of healthiness.

Natural Balance Puppy Formula

As the most sold puppy food product on Amazon, Natural Balance is undoubtedly popular. But is it the healthiest option for your furry companion? This brand boasts several positive attributes, including being free from dangerous preservatives, grain, wheat, and soy. However, it does contain a high level of plant-based proteins, which may not be as beneficial as its animal-based counterparts. Based on our analysis, we rate Natural Balance with a solid 86/100 points.

Hill’s Science Diet for Small and Toy Breed

Hill’s Science Diet is another top contender in the puppy food market. While it may be well-balanced and free from dangerous preservatives and soy, we did find four ingredients that raised concerns: wheat, corn, peas, and dried beet pulp. These ingredients may not be ideal for your puppy’s health. Considering these factors, we give Hill’s Science Diet a rating of 81/100 points.

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The Underdogs

Now, let’s shift our focus to two brands that may not be as popular but certainly deserve recognition for their quality and health benefits.

Taste Of The Wild Puppy High Prairie Venison & Bison

While Taste of the Wild may not be the most popular puppy food brand on the market, it is a standout in terms of healthiness. This brand is free from dangerous preservatives, grain, wheat, and soy, and it contains a generous amount of animal-based proteins. With a rating of 89/100 points, Taste of the Wild proves that popularity doesn’t always equate to quality.

Wellness Core Puppy Brand

Wellness Core is an underrated gem when it comes to puppy food. This brand offers a well-balanced diet with no dangerous ingredients, and it’s free from grain, wheat, and soy. While not as widely recognized, Wellness Core deserves recognition for its high-quality ingredients. We rate this brand with an impressive 88/100 points.

The Ultimate Winner

Finally, we must crown the ultimate winner in the puppy food market. After careful analysis, we can confidently say that Orijen Puppy Food takes the crown. This brand is becoming increasingly popular for a good reason. Orijen Puppy Food is biologically appropriate raw food (BARF), free from dangerous ingredients, grain, wheat, soy, and preservatives. With a perfectly balanced composition full of fresh and raw meat, Orijen Puppy Food receives a stellar rating of 100/100 points. It’s no wonder that we highly recommend it as the best dog food for puppies.


In conclusion, popularity doesn’t always guarantee quality when it comes to puppy food. While some popular brands might fall short in the healthiness department, lesser-known brands like Wellness Core and Orijen Puppy Food shine with exceptional quality and nutrition. So, next time you’re shopping for your furry friend, consider looking beyond the popular options and choose a brand that truly puts your puppy’s health first. For more details and a comprehensive comparison, download our free comparison table and check out the full article on our website. Here at SVG Phon, we’re dedicated to keeping your pets healthy and happy.

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